Okay Riot, you won: I won't play ARAM anymore.

I am - or rather, I was - an avid ARAM player, with more than 1800 wins and 1500 losses to prove it. This game mode used to be really fun, but it has become utter garbage after being left to rot by Riot: not only the last map-specific balance change dates back to patch 7.10, but the remake feature that was introduced 2 years ago on SR is still nowhere to be seen. Due to the prolonged neglect, specific champions, teamcomps and runes (cough Dark Harvest cough) have become way too OP, to the point that players' skills have less impact on the game than the RNG that assigns you a champion. What are the consequences of being able to predict the outcome of the game since champ select? The answer is simple: you have more dissatisfied players (if I win I don't feel like I earned it, if I lose I don't feel like I deserve it), annoyingly high dodge rates (for example, tonight I had to go through 13 lobbies just to play 7 games) and pesky ARAM-only accounts that "cheat" the system by unlocking only the best champions (which causes your own champion pool to be indirectly manipulated, since mirror matchups aren't allowed). Riot doesn't seem to want to make any change whatsoever to improve our experience, most likely because it wouldn't be cost-effective: they would have to spend money to hire dedicated personnel, but the economic return would be minimal because ARAM players probably are less likely to spend RP than the average player and because plenty of ARAM games are filled with people who are there just because they don't have enough free time to play on SR. That's why I give up. I lost all hope this game mode will ever go back to its former glory, Riot simply doesn't care enough. So goodbye, ARAM, it was fun while it lasted.
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