@Riot: Lux could use a little QoL love

Lux might be in good shape, but there are a few things that I'd like to see updated for her to take out some frustration I have with Riot neglecting her. I mean, how can they go about neglecting someone so endearing? T_T Here are a few changes I think could help her out. In terms of buffs, these are minuscule. 1. She needs a new skin! Seriously, guys, how long has it been since she got one? She was promised a "cutesy" skin about two years ago, but we all know how Riot is with "promises"... 2. Lux's maximum mana at level 18 needs to be higher. She is not capable of going Tear of the Goddess or Rod of Ages without screwing herself over, and her mana burnouts in late-game are obnoxiously frequent, even with a double Morello build. Raising her maximum mana at level 18 would make Grail actually acceptable on her. 3. Lux's E needs to have the same "pre-detonate" functionality that Gragas' Q does. I cannot tell you how many times I'd have gotten a kill if my E would've detonated the second it reached its destination. Instead, you gotta wait about 0.2 seconds after its arrival before you can detonate, which is SO FRIGGIN' FRUSTRATING! 4. Where is Lux's Texture Rebalance? I want to see her shine like Leona. Other than that, she's in good shape.
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