Can you please do something about ap malphite?

Get one full AP item -> oneshot any carry for the rest of the game with no chance of counterplay. Flashing it or using zhyonias is not something that most people can do, both because it takes serious reaction time and ping will play a big part in it. If he surprises you then even if you have sick reaction time you wont be able to do it. Besides his ult has like 30 sec cool down. Just please deal with this champion to put some actual gameplay into it. Why does this champion have such insane damage on any of his spells? What warrants him being a lategame veigar in the mid game? Isnt he supposed to be a tank anyway? How are things like this overlooked for so long? I'm so tired of stupid stuff like this being a part of the game, there is no fun to be had with this stuff, there is no back and fourth, no actual playing of the game going on. One second you are alive trying to deal damage to the thing while staying as far away as you can and 0.2 seconds later you are looking at a gray screen wondering what the hell you can do about the malphite that just dealt 2,2 K damage to you.
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