Please add a new suspension system exclusive to ARAM and current game modes.

I hate seeing these salty losers who get angry because RNG or an event achievement isn't going in their favour and they decide to ruin the game for everyone. I understand that people have problems connecting to games we can all agree it's unfair to everyone when we lose connection in mid game or unable to connect at all. But I won't put up with people getting angry over matches in ARAM because they didn't get their champion, Or they can't complete the odyssey achievement because of some guy didn't want to do the achievements and just play for fun. I really loved playing odyssey but the achievement whores from the xbox/psn fanbase showed their ugly heads and ruined the mode. Please add a week suspension to people who refuse to cooperate, flame, intentional afk/rage quit these pos people should never play ARAM if they are going to act like this. It's ment to be played casually with RNG. I understand you want to win but in ARAM matches. but just because someone got a certain champion doesn't mean an automatic win and some team comps are superior to others. And frankly I don't give a fuck if I lose because someone sucks balls or the enemy team just has better champions or that alistar couldn't connect (it's not his fault he can't connect to the server at the time it does happen.). But I ain't gonna put up with whiny pussy losers who rage quit and talk shit. Yeah you can mute... but let's be real. Muting players never helps. These dickheads will always keep on complaining and then get someone else riled up to argue with them and just seeing this person on your team will make you wish you didn't have him at all. You just want to play for fun... or get elo. But that jackass is bringing you and the team down. I think people who flame or give up in game shouldn't get rewards from that match nor any mission progress. while the team mates who had to suffer that player's bullshit get a bonus (but this only works for players in SoloQ... not premades.) Alot of my ARAM games are mostly fun, in some games me and the enemy team just make fun out of each other. But there is just one game where one or few dickheads get so angry over this mode and decide to act like a little brat. Sorry for the long ass bitching thread here. But I'm so sick of seeing someone act so pathetic and just quit the game. Riot seriously needs to step up their punishment system. Heck I even want riot to bring back the broken old chat restriction system. It did piss off, me and everyone else but it did force people to shut up and play. Rather than go kicking and screaming in the chat like a kid. I'm going to say sorry if some of you think these punishments are a bit harsh because sometimes players do need to leave because of real life reasons and shit does happen to people's behaviour from time to time.
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