The real issue in ARAM

As a melee champion fan, I'm so so happy to see Riot started in this patch to deal with the long lasting issue in ARAM - ranged champions dominate ARAM, while melee champions suffer from poke mages and critical strike ADCs. I'm happy to see Riot adjusts each champions damage dealt and damage taken in ARAM to reduces the gap between champions. However, after playing ~10 games after the update, although I do think maybe these changes really help melee champions to have more impact to the game results, I do not think these changes makes melee champions more FUN to play. The real problem is the gold income: mages and ADCs can get much much more CS than melee champions in ARAM, and they arealso more likely to get kills because of their range (they can attack anyone with low health in a big range, however, melee champions can only attack whoever close) and their build (most ranged champions get more offensive items than melee champions). In summoner's rift, melee champions (usually jungler and top lane) get equal amount of gold as mid lane and ADC, at least in early and middle game, however, in ARAM, melee have to fight with less gold and less items - it does not feel good. I would say this is the reason that I do not like playing melee in ARAM, and I do not feel those 5-10% buff can cancel the 3K gold or 1 full item disadvantage - even the changes make melee champions' ARAM win rate higher, they do not make it more enjoyable to use melee champions in ARAM.
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