Let's face it, bot lane is in the shitter right now.

Before you down-vote, here me out. Over the past 2 or so weeks, I've been seeing a bunch of wacky shit in the bot lane, and me being a Draven 1 trick at low diamond-high plat MMR, it can get a little rage inducing. I'm sure you guys of higher elo are aware of the Malzahar support being pretty good right now, due to his ult making an adc useless, but now i'm starting to see Ziggs "adc". Like, i'm aware that adc's are in the worst spot they've been in for A LONG TIME, but I think this might give you guys at RIOT an indication that something needs to change. I've seen the Ziggs carry bot, the Brand, Malzahar combo, now i'm starting to see Darius in the bot lane now too. Yes, I'm aware of the "adc is strong due to the fact that you can crit for 1500 by simply right clicking" and the "adc is important for constant DPS for sieging turrets". Trust me, I'm aware, and I'm also aware that if you're good enough at ADC, you can simply carry the game single handedly, but that's not the point i'm trying to make. The point i'm trying to make, is that there's better shit you can put down as a bot lane carry right now, and it's kinda irritating. The only really safe ADC's you can play right now are Cait, Ez, and Jhin in lane, Twitch is good for late game if he can get out of lane, and Vayne, if she gets her IE and Shiv. Other then that, you're pretty much trolling right now. It's kinda lame as fuck. Anyways, that's all I have to say about that, I hope you guys @RIOT can hopefully resolve this issue. It's like i'm playing season 1 all over again.
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