MATCHMAKING IS BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would Riot PURPOSEFULLY set us up to lose 50% of our ranked games? That means they legit put your with people you will HAVE TO CARRY. Like how is that fair? I main top and I win pretty much top lane every time. I'd say 66%-75% of the time. But I can't climb out of G2 and win my plat promos when I get there because I always get trolled or have intentional feeders. It is so consistent that you can look at my match history and see what I am talking about. It is horrible. I shouldn't feel forced to carry the 0/6 Ekko mid and the 0/7 Cho adc. Like this is extremely unfair and god forbid you say something about it cause then YOU are the TOXIC player. LIKE WHAT? I am 2/0 in lane up 40 cs and you guys can't stop dying from taking unneeded fights. Riot you have a player base that loves your game, but you absolutely show no regard for how your player base feels. It's pathetic and to be honest I'm pretty sure I will be quitting this game for good. Put thousands of dollars into this game over the past 6 years just to feel betrayed by a money hungry company who does not care about balance or fairness of the game. Only what is fresh and "toxic".
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