My personal take on tanks

How about instead of giving tanks damage and pretty much watering them down with bruisers/juggernauts You would just start reworking them to do their job seriously... tanks were always just a bag of hp with cc slapped on top to make an actual champion. Their role was to soak damage but they almost never got any tools that would allow them to do it in any direct way. So they resolved to cc'locking for their team and chasing enemy carries just to be the only target available but they never actualy did their job directly To this day there is only one dedicated tank in this game that has tools for tanking damage and its {{champion:201}} with his shield We had {{champion:57}} with his ult draiining nearby damage but riot deleted it.... if i rememver correctly they deleted it because they didnt like that it dealt damage based off enemys damage... which was easy to fix with some number showelling. But no instead we got some tree sprouts with more cc Galio could give people some damage resist with his ult... which had a hefty cooldown but that was removed too Tanks as a role were always meant to be the teams shield... many of them even carry the goddamn thing around yet only braum knows how to use it for anything else than bashing people How about getting those 200+ years of experience to work and giving those champions some identity aside from being bruisers with less damage... cause that will never be interesting to play unless overpowered... not to mention that many damage dealers carry their own cc nowadays... so tanks are no longer the masters of cc and engage they were in the past
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