Bronze is easy but tricky any decent top lanes?

So at the moment I'm a jungle/top main and sitting at bronze 2 34 lp or something like that when i am supposed to be in my promos. Last week i was at bronze 4 0 lp because i played lanes i felt like playing, my cousin told me that it's wrong to do that and stick to roles you main which i knew was right and what i was doing was wrong and that was the reason I'm not climbing. I started duo queuing with my cousin playing jungle with him adc and we stomped everything in our way, we mainly played amumu and tristana, i eventually climbed to bronze 2 86 lp in 5 days man. I took a one day break and came back to playing thinking i would get to bronze 1 today but when i played i lost 3 games in a row and I'm at bronze 2 34 lp, does this mean I'm gonna go on a huge losing streak because I'm messing up a lot. And I'm looking for a good top laner atm that doesn't have to have cc but would be helpful, some aoe damage and for him to be tanky with a decent skill cap and can carry games if played well (keep in mind that my cousin would be playing with me and we can coordinate well) in I'm maining Garen and Tryndamere and can add one champion to the pool. In the jungle i main Amumu, Warwick, and in extreme cases where no others are available i go Shyvana even though I'm like level 4 with her. Also i can farm very well so that won't be a problem. Thank you and i hope you had the time to read that and yes i do talk a lot xd
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