What is the urf hype about?

DISCLAIMER (Before someone goes and kills me in the comment section, I would like to say that this is my personal opinon, I actually need feedback from you guys but dont get personal please) I literally don't understand why people hype over URF so hard. Like this is what URF is, its an unbalanced gamemode (especially in ARURF). Whoever gets the better champions and the most broken will win the game. There's no counterplay, barely require teamwork (when i say this im talking about one person can singlehandly carry a game). The lanes are snowbally as ****. I dont get why RIOT still runs this event, they even said people quit more when they run URF because of the playerbase realize the slow pace of the actual game. Yes, there are some good sides behind URF as well, playing with friends can be quite fun and you all can laugh and have a fun time. But even then you could also play with your friends and get totally stomped so hard. But that is all URF has to offer, in conclusion I dont think URF should be a thing anymore.

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