Ranked in diamond is purely based on who's got more autofill players.

I had sooo many people telling me they've stopped playing ranked after they reached diamond, because every time they climb higher, like to diamond 1-2, they immediatly have unwinnable losing streaks all the way back to d5. I was thinking how the fuck is that possible, until I experienced it myself. Literally nothing you do matters and you lose 5 games for every game you win. I just dunno what to do anymore. I took a month break, started again yesterday, won 1 lost 3 games. LOL 1 had an afk, 1 had an "lol i dont care karma building gunblade" and one we lost normally. On top of that, I'm a support main, and even when I try my hardest and heal the fuck out of everyone, there's always that one dude that accidentally gets caught out in a 40 min game and it's gg, So aggravating. Idk, maybe I'm just not good enough to break that barrier, but I had a 60% win rate while in diamond 2, now I'm back all the way to d5 with a 50% win rate, because of so many losses.
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