Wings on Aatrox

Why do people want some big, cumbersome wings on the guy so much? Let me throw a quick couple things out there 1. The vast majority of Aatrox mains are not going to play the new Aatrox. Period. They wanted to complain that he's not AA anymore and they'll not play him now. They will also complain about every single little detail that is different from old Aatrox. Why? Because its different. They don't want different. They want the same. 2. Changing the wings *will not change his playrate*. This is the most important thing. It's not the wings that they are really upset about, its that hes different now. The only way those old Aatrox mains will be satisfied is if you scrapped the entire rework and left him the same. Changing the wings will not change anything. They'll just come up with something new. I thought his wings looked pretty awesome. It felt more warrior-like and more tactical to have him compact them when not in use. Otherwise he's got these massive wings that just feel awkward and in-the-way. The way you guys did the two wing frames looked cool man lol. Made him seem more efficient and less flowy and just unnecessary to have them out. He looks more solid. Why would he want them out and in the way, throwing off his balance and stuff? Maybe smaller banner wings might work but.. Idk. I just don't think it's really necessary. But maybe riot will be able to make it work this time. I just feel like the "banner-esque" wings look.. strange. Like limp, broken wings. Eh.. Anyways, thats my two cents.
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