Riot Loading Border Shenanigans!

So if anyone remembers when the 1st set of project skins released, if you bought them at full price for 1350RP (before they went on sale for 975RP) you got a snazzy First Strike border when you were loading into the game. Basically if you couldn't wait for the sale of the skins you got a fancy border in return, it was neat, you technically didn't have to pay more for the skin to get the border, it just allowed you to show that you were one of the first and you didn't mind paying the normal price for a skin. Here's it from S@20 Now the borders are back with the new Star Guardian skins, which is a line I love and wouldn't mind buying when they first release (I know they don't do sales right after anymore though). HOWEVER the loading border is 'conveniently' bundled in with the related champion icon which was _not_ the case with the Project release, forcing you to pay more for a loading border even if you don't want the icon. Honestly this is just BS. I wouldn't mind using more RP and buying the bundle if for example some of the profits were being added to the worlds payout, but they aren't, you simply have to pay for the borders this time. You pay an additional 425RP for the bundle whilst the icon by itself would only cost you 250RP, so you're basically paying 175RP for a loading in border, that in the past was free and just showed you didn't mind going the extra mile for Riot. TLRD; you're paying for something that used to be a free thank you from Riot.
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