You're not listening to your players and looking only at numbers again, Riot (Twisted Treeline)

You keep going on about low player count in the gamemode yet you haven't done anything significant with it. ARAM had events, specific balance and WAY more attention put into and you're surprised TT has a lower population? Do something with the gamemode for the people that love playing it AND for those that don't, actually make an effort pulling people in. Map-specific events, even speed up gold-earning like in ARAM or Nexus Blitz, anything. People were excited to see an announcement regarding TT, finally another gamemode getting some attention, could they finally at least give it ARAM-level attention? But no, a big slap in the face by a company focused on the numbers, thanks. We were hoping for you to spice up the gamemode, not delete it. We don't want that.
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