I can nolonger say League has a place for me.

I used to think that I was pretty good at this game. Then the new runes hit. As a last two seasons Diamond. I can't even win games against silvers or golds. I may as well even be considered for a ban for intentionally feeding with how bad I do. InB4 Boosted, no, I fucking worked for it at 55% winrate over many games. I'm just not allowed to play anything that has sustain or tanky, that isn't also gg one shot worthy. I don't want to fucking one shot the enemy. I want to live long enough to make meaningful decisions, or outplay the enemy through micro movements. Not just "stay out of range or you deserve to die". Why the fuck is damage so high that 1 cc means 100% chance of death? For that matter why does everything hurt so much? I'm tired of having 180 armor and taking 1/4 of my hp in one hit. At that point what the fuck is even the point of having defense items? You know what people are complaining about on ORN... his damage... What do you nerf? His skill expression in ignoring CC... Oh great... Its like you don't get it riot. You didn't get your playerbase by having a game where everyone one shot eachother... so why are you trying to make League do that? Are you even gaining customers at this point? Because I for one barely enjoyed last season, and I'm not far off from uninstalling this POS game. Even winning doesn't feel good right now. Historically when someone did too much damage, you nerfed them... What, did we just finally decide fuck it everyone should be an assasin? WTF ever happened to surviving burst damage with tank items?
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