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Hi! Gold 3 (Aiming for Plat) Udyr player here. I know, nothing special, wow, Gold and silver are the same. I see Riot posting "Ask a [Champion] Main" threads, and I decided maybe it would be fun to create my own, where I can take questions posted and edit them in, answering them to the best of my ability. I've been playing Udyr since Season 4, which was when I picked League back up after quitting Season 2 when I got tired of not knowing what to do. Since first playing Udyr, I've fallen completely in love with his playstyles. The diversity of his skill distribution, the flexibility of his build paths, I believe that Udyr is one of those rare champions that can build almost any item and benefit greatly off of it. After two years of experimenting and honing my skills, I'd like to offer advice to anybody who wants it. I'll be letting the thread sit idle while I sleep (I'm quite tired while typing this), and hopefully I'll come back to a wealth of questions to answer! First, I'll start with ones I can already see coming. ___ > **Are you a Trick2G fanboy?** The answer here is no, I'm not. I'll happily admit that Trick was the reason I became interested in Udyr, however after learning the game and Udyr's basic mechanics I branched away from him until after 3 months I stopped watching him entirely, becoming my own teacher for the champion. ___ > **You're only Gold III, why do you think you can give out helpful advice?** Anybody can give helpful advice, even Bronze players. It entirely depends on the subject matter, however. In this case, I'm going to be offering build suggestions, tips on jungling, tips on laning, and all the different playstyles that can come with each specific skill path. ___ > **Udyr is a simple character, all you do is right click and spam abilities, how can you say he has mechanics?** The same way that ADCs can have mechanics when they're generally more right-click intensive than Udyr. Or the way a Caster champion's mechanics can be summed up with _smash qwer while pointing cursor at screen_. Plays do not have to be flashy or aesthetically impressive to be considered "plays", nor do mechanics. Udyr is a champion with a very low skill floor, but his skill ceiling is fairly high. ___ That's all I have off the top of my head. Please, leave questions and such below!

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