Riot why are Turrets made out of Wet Toilet Paper?

Turrets feel like they are made out of wet toilet paper and the problem just gets worse each season. This season if you get cheese ganked before 10 minutes, one time, there goes your turret 100% to 0% before you can get back to lane. If they bring 3 or 4 people on the cheese gank, there goes both of your turrets. And with the game being so focused on high dmg snowbally champs at the moment, 1 turret down often results in the game being over by 13 minutes with no way to turtle or come back. This isnt helped by the fact that turrets seem to do no damage to champions past the 10 minute mark. Plus the new siege rune and the Rift Herald are to easily abused by snowbally teams and completely overkill as turrets are already squishy as is. Not asking for anything drastic just asking for you to at the very least change the wet toilet paper turrets into dry toilet paper turrets that take a little longer to take down. Games were meant to be 35-60 minutes long not this new dream of 15-30. Listen to your community for once and get the LCS visions of 15 minute games out of your eyes please Riot. This game has so much potential if you would only focus on the gameplay once again and not focus on making LCS more flashy and exciting.
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