Friend climbed to platinum after making new account to escape bronze. Elo hell?

Hey guys I never believed in all the people saying Elo hell exists. I always just told my bronze friend to get good and climb but he said it's too hard. I told him if he's so good level a new account and prove you aren't bronze then. He leveled a new account over a few months and typical of new accounts it got placed into silver 5. He was so excited not to be in bronze so he started to play more ranked. Lo and behold, he began to climb pretty fast. Somehow he managed to climb using sona despite seeing a lot of yasuos everywhere and zeds. I thought he'd just be able to climb a little but infact he didn't. He made it all the way to platinum 2. Looking back he says he didn't really improve at all. He says bronze was just elo hell and even now he couldn't escape. Now idk if elo hell is real or not and I'm pretty sceptical still but this was strange to see. I'm not gonna blame my teammates or whatever because I didn't think it existed in the first place but this is a shock to me. I can't show his account because it's naming and shaming technically but what do you think? 1 Year later edit: This was fake
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