Remove minion block entirely (at least for allied minions.)

I can't think of a single reason why you should get blocked by minions, It adds absolutely nothing to the game besides being an annoyance. 99% of the time it will only make you fuck up a sidestep, not be able to land that one auto attack to finish off a cannon or champion, and will most of the time just annoy you. I understand that enemy unit collision helps you, minions block the enemy's path so they don't just run at you. But why the hell do your ALLIED minions block you? I've lost count of the times I would have lived if those god damned imps hadn't blocked and fucked up my pathing so i end up walking or not being able to walk away from a Lux ult, losing cannons because my champion just runs in circles trying to figure out how to walk around the damn minions. I understand collision with allied champs, that way the tanks can't just stack up on the squishiest person to deny targetting. But minions? Give me a break Riot.

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