Since Riot is ramping up the VGUs even more...

How about we make a list of champs that we, as a community, feel needs the VGU treatment the most? I'll split this list into different tiers, following the gaming grading system (S, A, B, C, D). The higher the tier the champ is in, the more in need they are of a VGU. Now, this first batch of champs will be of my opinion, and may not fit the opinion of the rest of the community. That's why I will leave this open to suggestions. If you feel I made a wrong choice somewhere, or a certain champ I missed really needs to be placed in a tier, let me know and I'll tweak it! Just remember that this list will represent the views of the community, and not Riot. No matter how much we try and tweak it, it may very well not even come close to Riot's list. But with that said, let us begin, shall we? ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- #S Tier The S tier of champs are champs that have effectively been forgotten in League. They have extremely poor playrates (mainly only being played by dedicated one tricks), and win rates tend to stagnate well below the 50% line for months, or even years. Before their updates happened, this is where both {{champion:83}} Yorick and {{champion:6}} Urgot would have been placed. ##Mordekaiser You all knew this was coming. Anyone remember how Urgot's popularity only existed because he was so damn bad? He was, hands down, the worst champion in League for a *REALLY* long time, and his popularity was lifted due to him being basically a meme. This is where Mordekaiser is right now. He may not be the worst champion in League, at least, but his eventual VGU has become so ingrained into our minds (mostly thanks to the efforts of Malicious Metal), that all of us are eagerly waiting for that announcement. Unfortunately, the only reason why Morde hasn't been reworked yet is because Riot doesn't really know what to do with him. The only thing they do know is that they will be keeping his theme.......but kit wise? He will likely still be a juggernaut, but how his kit will actually play out is anyone's guess. ##Fiddlesticks Another champ that good ol' Malicious Metal has been clamoring for is our favorite scarecrow...........and I have to agree with him. Put simply......Fiddle has not aged well. In our high mobility meta, it's very strange that a champ would have more than half of his kit reliant on *standing still*. His kit is also a weird amalgamation of a tank's and a mage's, all crammed into a squishy frame. He's meant to engage, but can hardly survive when he does; he's meant to have alot sustain, but Grievous Wounds exist; he's meant to be a jungler, but works best as a support..................Fiddle is just a mess. ##Pantheon Yes.....I know MM has also called for a Pantheon rework, but that is not why I'm putting him up here. Pantheon is actually one of the champs that Riot has talked about wanting to rework quite a bit in the past.........and it makes sense as to why. Pantheon has evolved into being more of an assassin instead of being the penultimate fighter (that title, at the moment, goes to Riven). Not to mention that his kit is considered to be one of the most toxic in the game. Being a relic of League's earliest days, his kit still has 2 point and click abilities (something that is quickly being fazed out), and the only skill expression it offers is being able to place your ult in the right spot...........and even that isn't all to difficult ("Are enemies in this location? Yes? Drop on them.) ##Malzahar You know.......I almost forgot about Malzahar. Oh boy........where do I begin? The mage update did not treat him well......Malz has been turned into this monstrosity of a champion that really has no place at all in League. His kit just *breathes* toxicity.......point and click DoT damage, point and click ranged super cc, and a built in Banshee's Veil for his passive. I don't think I need to say much more.........this champ needs a complete reimagining. --------------------- #A Tier Thankfully, we only have 4 champs that are in S tier. You may disagree, and if you do, I want you to take one hard look at the roster...........besides those 4, who else is in such dire need of a rework...........besides {{champion:20}} Nunu (since he just got announced)? The A tier of champs are champs that haven't necessarily aged well, but can still work to some degree. No one will be surprised to see them be reworked, but no one is also really calling for their rework. Due to her being announced awhile back, she can't be on this list, but this is likely where {{champion:84}} Akali would go. ##Cho'gath A few people mentioned that Cho'gath should be on the list. I personally disagree, but this is meant to be a community list, so..... Here is Ryusaether's explanation as to why: "{{champion:31}} , while in a decent spot balance-wise (after passing through his monstrous winrate after Stoneplate came out) is still pretty underwhelming compared to his thematic potential. You have a world eater monser that just walks and creates spikes, wow. And his model and animations are pretty outdated, he could be so much more." ##Dr. Mundo What if i told you that MUNDO was once the king of tanks..........back in Season 4. Ever since he lost that crown, it's jumped from champ to champ, but that isn't to say that MUNDO used to be unmatched. Today, however, he's in need of some help. He can still do quite well in the right hands, but it's just that he can't keep up with the current roster........*literally*. Tanks today are CC machines; if they don't have at least 2 or 3 abilities that can lock down a priority target, they generally won't perform very well..........and MUNDO's only form of CC is a decent slow. He is the definition of a meat shield..........and the game right now simply doesn't call for *just* meat shields right now. ##Ezreal Surprised? Well.....there is one reason, and one reason alone that I put Ezreal in the A tier category...............his Q. Mystic Shot has been a thorn in Riot's side for a *VERY* long time. Every time they release a new item or mechanic that works with on hit mechanics..........Ezreal comes around and breaks it because of Mystic Shot. His most recent crime is that of Kelptomancy. When the new runes were released, he was easily the strongest ADC in the game because of that rune........and Mystic Shot procing it every 2 seconds. There is so much power packed into his Q, that the rest of his kit suffers for it. His W is basically only used to proc spellblade, and help take objectives (kind of), his E is mainly used as a get-of-jail-free card, and his ultimate is mainly used for clearing waves of minions. Put simply, this ability needs to go.......and with it gone, the rest of Ezreal's kit could be more heavily fleshed out. ##Kalista Come on......admit it Riot..........she needs a fullscale rework. Kalista is in a very precarious state.......if Riot buffs her *even slightly*, she starts to dominate the LCS.........and thus, they're forced to nerf her, leaving her in an awful state for solo queue. But can you blame the LCS? Consistent free mobility, free *roaming* wards, awesome objective control, the ability to save a teammate, and the ability to have said teammate engage on the enemy team........even if the champ they are playing can't engage on their own. Seriously, she is an LCS team's wet dream! At the moment, she is in an........ok spot, which is the only reason why she isn't S tier right now. But, needless to say, she will eventually need that rework. ##Malphite Another champ that a couple people asked for. This one I can agree on. Again, Ryusaether gives a good explanation as to why: "{{champion:54}} is a fucking moving rock, quite literally. He's not engaging to play as nor against, boring uninteractive laner and an ult-bot. Plus his design and skins are pretty shallow and could benefit an overhaul in every aspect, like making him the anti-ad he should be by giving him an armor shield and not a generic shield and things like that, other than a funnier playstyle. Ofc not every champ has to be the outplay master like Irelia or the likes, but I think everyone can agree that he's boring as hell." ##Nocturne Several people suggested Nocturne to be here. However, I'll let GorrilaBearz (who was the first to suggest him) explain why. "Well for starters {{champion:56}} is extremely outdated, not only in his one-dimensional kit but also his visuals minus his eternum skin, which even that is starting to show its age. He is very feast or famine, if ahead can insta-burst a squishy with a point and click long range ultimate, but if behind gets blown up instantly if he dives anywhere into a team fight, making him almost completely useless. Either way, his kit is very binary with hardly any depth in any of his abilities, he’s basically a ball of stats which doesn’t leave much room for interaction for his enemies. Just a lot of problems all around, and not to mention he has one of the coolest (imo) thematics in the game but with him being so dated his visuals and everything just don’t do him justice." ##Quinn I think you know you done goofed when an ADC becomes primarily a top laner. Quinn, much like quite a few others on this list, suffers from an identity she a marksman, or an assassin? At the moment she's.......both? Her laning matches that of an ADC, but come mid to late game, she shifts to being an assassin. Essentially, Quinn needs her identity to be solidified as one or the other........and I think the general consensus is to solidify her as an assassin. This means stripping her of everything that is meant to help her as a Marksman, specifically her W and maybe her passive. Now, admittedly, I am not very familiar with Quinn. If there are any dedicated Quinn mains out there that would like elaborate on this further, by all means, please do. That said, I think we can all agree that Quinn needs some help. ##Shaco The only reason why Shaco is this high is because Riot has stated that he is quite high on their list of champs to be reworked, and all of the tweaks he has gotten in the past have only proven to alienate him further. In my opinion, I think he's more deserving of a B tier ranking, since Riot has been able to get him into somewhat of an ok spot. But, I will admit that his kit could use some cleaning up, not to mention that his theme *in general* could use a pretty a big overhaul. Similar to Quinn, I am not all too familiar with, if any dedicated mains out there could help elaborate on him, it would be appreciated. ##Tryndamere You are now looking at my most hated champ in the game. I *despise* Tryndamere. i hate that the most effective strategy for him is to never leave his lane. I hate that he can get out of most bad situations so damn easily. I hate that no matter what you do to him in lane, EVENTUALLY, he will come back, and 2 shot your carries, OR your towers. So, yes, his ranking right now might be inflated due to my opinion of him, I will admit to that. However, I know everyone can agree that he *should* be high on Riot's list of champs to rework. Sure, he may not need the work done *right now*, but eventually........please........rework this champ. ##Varus Suggested by Darkin Hybrid He wrote a REALLY long reason as to why, so, instead of copy/pasting him, I'll link his comment [here]( ##Volibear Now, now.........even though he recently had some work done, this doesn't mean he no longer needs a rework. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, his recent work was only to put him in a somewhat decent place until Riot could get around to reworking him (and it certainly did that, according to how Voli mains reacted to it). Essentially, Voli's kit just doesn't belong in today's League. He's meant to be a tank, but has kit more fitting for a Juggernaut. Also, now that his lore was updated with Ornn's release, he is now *even less* representative of his demigod fantasy. He should feel overwhelming, as if he will bring down the fury of the Maelstrom down on top of you........but right now? He feels like a normal Polar Bear. ##Wukong The amount of calls for a Wukong update has been growing steadily over the past few months........and with good reason. Before recently, Wukong was always middle of the pack......he could perform decently in the right hands, but was never top of the meta. Now, however, he struggles in most situations. He has some of the best engage opportunities in the game, but can hardly survive to really act on those engages. So, similar to Pantheon, he's evolved into more of an assassin, but with far less tools to actually assassinate people. That said, he still isn't as dire in need of rework as our S tier champs.......but over time, he will continue to slowly fall into that category. ----------------------- #B Tier Now.....if you've read this far.....don't worry, I'm not going to give a paragraph for every champ. In fact, from here on out, I'm only going to list the champs in every tier. B Tier champs are those that have aged decently over the months and years, but as time goes on, it becomes quite evident that eventually they're going to need some work. They don't need it *now*, certainly not as much as the S or A tier ranks, but.........eventually. ##Amumu ##Anivia ##Diana Moved up from C Tier as suggested by Derpyon "Personally, Diana needs to be B at the very least She's also suffers from a semi identity crisis she's a diver, that acts more like an assassin. She lacks the tools to really survive in the later portions of the game to fit a diver like the likes of {{champion:164}} ,{{champion:5}} but she can't exactly afford to invest much into defence. She has high base stats for a 'assassin' though. She has *very* high burst damage, but she lacks the tools for escape so you have to hope that your W will pull you through the barrage of pain you'll endure. Personally, if she sees work, I'd love to see more emphasis on her passive, and whole heretic solari theme." ##Jax ##Karma ##Karthus ##Kayle ##Kindred ##Morgana Suggested by nm1010 "I've played only around two dozen games this season on her, but she is probably at her strongest in years for mid lane. At 1-2 items q w is one shotting people, gank assist with q e and r is pretty toxic imo. If she stays under the radar I would put her in B tier (needs work eventually, but fine for the moment). If she starts to see widespread play I would bump her into A. She is highly uninteractive in lane and with her mid game spike she could easily become very problematic." ##Rumble ##Skarner ##Vladimir --------------------------------------------------------------------- #C Tier C tier champs are those that people would likely be kind of surprised to see an update come through for them. However, when they think of it, they then realize that........yeah, they could have used some work. Before her update, this is where {{champion:114}} would have went. ##Corki ##Elise ##Hecarim ##Jarvan IV ##Kenen ##Kog'maw ##Lissandra ##Master Yi Suggested by Kadexe "I feel like Master Yi is left out for no real reason. * He's the worst offender of "champions that stomp low elo, but are useless against players that work as a team." * He's awful to play against if he's not shut down. Legit the only counterplay is 1) CC him so hard that he's not even really fighting you, or 2) use spells and items like Zhonya or Kayle ult to delay his reset so he can be killed. Everything comes back to "just don't fight him." * 3/5ths of his abilities are just stat buffs and steroids. It's a very uninteractive kit. He needs a rework, and I say that as a very vocal Yi main." ##Sona ##Syndra (There is a TON of awesome Syndra fan art.......I suggest you check it out) ##Tristana ------------------------------------------------- #D Tier And finally.....our last tier. These champs are those that, as of *right now*, could use some work. However, they've been good in the past, and the meta may very well conform to their play style. Due to this, they may not need any work at all, and if they do get some significant work done, it would be a bit of a surprise. ##Fizz ##Gragas ##Ivern ##Lucian ##Rammus ##Renekton ##Viktor ------------------------------ --------------------------------- ---------------------------- And that's it! Remember, if you happen to have a champ that you believe should be put somewhere, or if you feel I made a mistake somewhere, let me know! Now.....before you go on commenting, let me just, Yasuo, Zed, and Riven do not need work......they are fine. Thanks for reading!
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