I wish riot would come out and explain what they're doing with league, as it seems so broken.

TL;DR : everything in league broke itself, no single role is to blame, towers suck and stopwatch is the worst thing riots ever added to the game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I LOVE league, i used to put like 6 hours a day into it and now im at the point where im not feeling it, gonna try taking a week or so break and see if that kinda helps me have fun in it again. The game has so many problems that have been coming for a long time, and it seems like Riot did next to nothing to do anything about it. Also, this isnt a "Fuck riot and league" post, but im genuinely confused on why they dont comment on posts about balance / gameplay. But everyone knows the problems and the major flaws that riot created in their game, it just sucks to see people up in arms defending their favorite role cause everyone claims everything is broken (which everything is to some extent) Everything in this game broke each other - Tanks broke ADC's - Tanks became borderline unkillable, after one item a tank can tower dive without any risk, so the damage classes had to get more damage to deal with it, which then made every damage dealer destroy each other, but tanks seem still seem unstoppable (this is the main point) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADC then broke assassins - Assassins had to be able to deal with ADC's damage, so they had to add more damage into their kits ({{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assassins then broke Supports - Supports and supportive items had to get buffed to deal with Assassins 1 shotting supports, so now its not uncommon to see a squishy target get 50% - 60% of their HP in shields ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supports AND Assassins then broke Mages - Mages started being played in bot instead of mid, they couldnt lane against anyone with {{item:3147}} so they became damage dealers in bot and also because people like {{champion:63}} {{champion:45}} have enough over time damage or burst to just pick and kill someone, earlier they have strong zoning, and later they're just more damage on the team, so they became an almost natural counter to Enchanters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- but then Enchanters / Mages broke Tank supports (and tanks again) - the counter to being poked, is going in and trying to just kill them before they can poke you down and go for the kill, so tanks started being played in bot again, people like {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:44}} - anyone with hard engage or CC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- then Tank supports broke the jungle meta - It became "Camp bot or lose" cause ADC's typically get destroyed by everyone at all points in the game unless they have 6 items, (hate ADC all you want, but this is true) so Bot became free kills with engage supports / CC, having a Leona stun the ADC, while the jungler came in meant the bot lane would either die, or lose everything and die off of a dive 30 seconds later. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then we got these new runes, and for the MOST part, they seem okayish? but it just gave EVERYONE a free fuck ton of damage, and the worst addition to the game by far, is {{item:2419}} - getting that free from a rune is the most insane thing they've ever done, it gives a free "get out of a death" card, it removes being able to punish people for mistakes and its not uncommon to have a fight break out, and have more than half the game use it, resulting in everyone getting nuked, no one dying, then having a stronger {{item:3026}} or {{item:3157}} soon after. Also a side point, how has riot let towers be in this state for like a season and a half? They dont do any damage, they're beyond squishy especially with Demolish and Rift Herald. It's sad being under 80% HP cause that means you're going to get dove and there's no risk in doing so, in my opinion, a tower dive should be a planned out play, that has a high risk for a high reward, but now a tower dive is just choosing to kill someone under tower cause that's where they happen to be. Even worse, is combining the last 2 points, watching a "dive" when its pretty much a 5v5 under tower, then seeing like 8 stopwatches get used is so hard to watch, its so unbalanced, and rather than buffing towers, riot created a whole new problem. Using stopwatch is like punishing someone because you misplayed, it takes so much skill out of the game, and completely ruins Assassins, its such an awful addition to the game. Also i have no idea why riot thinks watching people get one shot is "flashy and exciting" it takes so much out of the game, i remember watching bjergsen get into a 1v1 and it was 2 assassins jumping around for like 10 seconds, then he finally won with like 5% HP and hardly escaped, seeing that makes me like fan girl and Kreygasm, that's genuinely fun to watch cause it shows mechanics and mastery of the champion, same with long team fights, i love when a fight lasts 20-30 seconds and like one man is left standing and it took everything from both teams to take each other on, there was so much micro and macro play from everyone. Now watching {{champion:142}} LITERALLY one shot someone, isnt entertaining at all, its sad that its become almost normal? Playing vs {{champion:86}} and when he only has BC, his e hits you for like 40% of your HP then he ults you for 1000 true damage and you die. Theres no mechanics, theres no outplaying, theres no better micro or macro play, its literally whoever gets to one shot first wins the game. They should buff towers and start nerfing literally every aspect of the game. That's just how i see it, feel free to disagree. EDIT - sorry this is so unorganized, still suck at making stuff look neat on the boards :p
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