Boots need to be updated

Boots are a very forgotten item class that haven't been updated since patch 7.23, when they limited you to only getting one pair of boots. We are about to start season 10, so it will be nearly 2 years since they were last updated (44 patches ago). I do give some suggestions, but they are not what should be added, I am just giving my thoughts on some possible changes. {{item:3009}} Boots of Swiftness: The slow effectiveness reduction is good, but the problem is, most champions that have a slow, will also have a hard cc ability like Anivia, Ashe, Cho gath, or something like a movement speed boost/dash to get away. You will spend more time ccd if you don't go merc treads for tenacity, than the time you will have saved for reducing the 60% slow down to 45%. There are also not many champions in the game that have a reliance on slows in their kit that this would make an impact on, the few being Dr. Mundo, Olaf, Nasus, Tryndamere, and a little bit for Trundle/Karthus. Phase rush is also a much better variant to boots of swiftness, giving 25-40% movement speed + 70% resistance to slows. 10 movement speed is not very good; percentage movement speed is much better. On the slowest champion in the game, being dismounted Kled at 285, 5% is 14.25 movement speed, which is more than what boots of swiftness gives, the average movement speed being around 335-340. One change that could work is putting slow effectiveness reduction on more items for bruisers/tanks, and instead giving boots of swiftness more movement speed to actually make them live up to their name. Stats could go from +55 movement speed, 25% slow effectiveness reduction to something like +70 movement speed, 7% movement speed Another option could be lowering the base movement speed for all upgraded boots to +30, and having boots remain the same. Note: every boots gives +45 movement speed when upgraded. {{item:3117}} - Boots of mobility These boots are a good situational item overall and it does what it should fairly well. {{item:3158}} - Ionian boots of Lucidity These boots being useless are the byproduct of how much cdr has been put in the game. Runes giving 20% before you even load into game, Ludens/Black cleaver giving 20% on a single item, etc... A proper fix could be removing some of the cdr in the game; mage items, lethality items, bruiser items, etc... The people that should be building them like Mages, Assassins, Bruisers, etc... are instead allowed to build other boots because their typical build paths have so much cdr in them. {{item:3006}} - Berserkers Grieves A good item, maybe a little too strong. {{item:3020}} - Sorcerer's Shoes This item is a little too strong and could use a nerf. It currently gives 18 magic penetration, should be lowered to 15. {{item:3047}} - Ninja Tabi This item is pretty strong and could probably use a nerf, but I don't play tanks enough to know what a good solution would be. People like ezreal and mages should not be able to abuse them with little downside. {{item:3111}} - Mercery Treads This item is very strong because of the tenacity it gives. In many cases, you will need to purchase these just for champions like Leona, Sejuani, etc... despite the enemy team having only 1 ap champion, making the magic resist an afterthought. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New boots need to be added to the game because diversity and build creativity is severely lacking in the game. Boot Enchantments also need to be re-added to the game, because removing them only reduced how much diversity/creativity we had (The reason for removing them was because homeguards was the dominant choice, and they decided to remove enchantments entirely and give homeguards as a default after 20 minutes) I will give a few ideas for potential boots and/or enchantments: Spell vamp boots Healing/shielding boots Lethality boots Crit chance boots Crit damage increase boots Boots that give spells a chance to crit Boots that allow you to ignore terrain and unit collision for x seconds Boots that you can use to gain stacks, which can be used for regeneration over time Boots that give bonus exp for killing enemy jungle units Boots that give units around you bonus movement speed Boots that reduce damage over time abilities Boots that give adaptive strength/armor Boots that allow you to sacrifice yourself and revive one ally Boots that increase healing on yourself by x% Boots that convert 10% of your healing to a shield with no cap, that decays slowly Boots that make you overcharged and give you a bonus to stats for x seconds Reminder: These are just random ideas/suggestions and are meant to promote creativity and ideas through discussion, not what I think should be added into the game exactly as I say.
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