Why are placements such a worthless system for a Bronze player?

So I ended last season at Bronze IV. I ended up becoming really good at a few champions (read: Hecarim is broken rn) during the pre-season. I ended up doing incredibly well in my placements - I went 7W/3L and got at least an S- in 5 of those games. I was really proud of myself, thinking "wow, I should place high bronze and then be able to climb to silver in like a month" Nope, Bronze V. Dreams crushed. Now I get that you're supposed to place lower than where you ended last season. That makes total sense to me. It just begs the question: "If I can win 7 out of 10 games and place at the worst rank possible, why even try?" I could have literally intentionally fed and lost every single game, and placed in exactly the same spot. Why did I bother concentrating, or focusing so hard on counterpicks and lane matchups, when there is zero motivation for me to do well? Like at least make me B4. Or perhaps set the lowest possible rank one can place at B4, that way there's still room to drop. My ultimate suggestion is that players who ended in Bronze should place anywhere from Bronze 4 to Bronze 1 in the next season, based on their performance in placements. Y'know... make them actually _mean something___, for God's sake. EDIT: I appreciate all of the people educating me about MMR. It's made me a lot more hopeful concerning actually climbing up to silver this season. However, my point still stands. I ended last season at B4. Meaning my MMR was B4. I have now finished my placements, and I am in B5 with B4 MMR. Thus, why not just throw me into B5 with B4 MMR from the get-go? Why make me play 10 pointless games before I can actually start climbing?
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