Makes the Game Not Fun: Yi in URF

If you've played AR U.R.F. you've probably played against {{champion:11}} . Now, I understand, it's URF, so why am I even complaining. For the most part, I agree, URF is a fun break from everything and doesn't really matter. However, what's not fun is a guaranteed loss in the loading screen. Here are the scores of the enemy Yi in my last three games he was in, check the match history: 8/22/17 - 26/5/1 8/21/17 - 15/7/4 8/20/17 - 26/3/1 What's more interesting in those stats are the assists. You notice how there are hardly any? That means Yi is roaming around the map deleting anyone he comes across, not even participating in team fights. With <1 second cooldown on his spells, he's practically untargettable during the entire time of an engage. "Legendary" - 9/0/0 before 6:00 into game, final Yi score 42/2/7: To RIOT: I notice Sona and Ryze have been heavily weighted not to be rolled, for similar reasons of unfairness, at least do the same for Yi.
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