Why the F is Nidalee 45% overall?

Yup. New skins so I dug her out without playing her in about 8-9 months. I was a little hesitant to start my snowball, but I did decent for playing her after such a long absence (yeah yeah low elo game) But...... I was playing against people who are supposed to be Nidalee counters. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3233228259/243999882?tab=overview And then I look at U.GG and just ..... went lmfao at peoples' rune choices. WHY? https://u.gg/lol/champions/nidalee/build?rank=overall No scaling. Attack speed vs CDR? No Sorcery? Is Nidalee so forgotten that people literally don't know how to build her anymore? I don't know about other Nidalee players, but she fits my play style overall; When I play Nami, I build specifically to bait players into thinking I'm going to be a feeding fish when in reality, if needed, I'm an initiator with peel, who makes an entire team waste their ults on me, then I get away, and my team cleans up (This is what I do at least 25% of the time at D II) When I play Morgana, I realize that I may need at least 3 escape routes, and that I needed to be able to be close enough to auto attack if I really want to use my full potential. I bait hard, sometimes build tank, and always try to have a wall I can use. When I play Nidalee, I realize that I might not always get my entire skill combo off without a disruption, and that it's far harder for Nidalee to get out than in. My goal is to try for the deletion, but always have an out (Phase Rush +W is enough to escape most situations, but W alone may very well get you killed). So why are all these Meta Nidalee builds not incorporating significant peel, but all about Penetration and pre fight mobility when she has one of the easiest wall jumps in the game? And the fact her Q literally is one of the strongest missing health abilities in the game in Cougar form? Before I retired her, I had some 60-70k damage Nidalee games where I built PURE TANK. That's how strong her Q potentially is. So WHY. WHY are these Nidalee "meta's" doing so poorly? She's a friggin 60% when mastered+ champ, even after her reset nerfs. The new jungle feels weak to her..... Krugs and Raptors just tickle, and even at level 1-3 I'm still outleveling Bot lane even with her early game slow camp grind. I dunno. Maybe this is a rant. Maybe I'm missing something. But I've never just picked up a champ I shelved (even in low elo) that I thought I could instantly translate directly back to high elo....
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