Since 2012, Riot has only released skillshot champs and people with more counterplay than strength.

Funny thing is just after kha'zix they released Elise(zed is strong np) then look at newer Is there one champ that doesn't have important skillshots or counters himself to do stuff? <looking at you ornn with your W> I mean no wonder silver is such a bad elo for people, with yasuo, lee, nidalee out somebody is getting them on their team and the new player just doesn't know how to play these champs yet. What i'm saying is half or more of the roster of champs are not easy/have some important skillshots. And i also know a lot of people hate bad yasuos on their team so would you look at that as yasuo was released after kha'zix. After kha'zix release began a esports obsessed champ roster, no longer did riot care about the stability of ranks or fun of players. They shifted from kha'zix to pro scene champs only. They will not release an awesome champ like this again: {{champion:54}} or this guy {{champion:24}} only champs for pros no champs for fun anymore. if your not in lcs they couldn't care less about you. new releases predictions top: clone of {{champion:516}} mid: {{champion:142}} adc: clone of {{champion:145}} or {{champion:498}} jg: clone of {{champion:141}} supp: clone of {{champion:497}} or {{champion:201}} I know the game is looking pretty cancer right now. i might of even guessed your team in low elo. we need something different than this top: big guy who can stun and kill you easy if you fight him too long mid: lets make it look really annoying and add a whole bunch of stuff and call them passives. adc: adc's don't really do a lot of damage with abilities so hey lets make an ability adc! yes very good idea! jg: sneaky character with lots of delays so he doesn't get to gank like he wants. but lets make him look cool so bronze players will like this guy. support: lets see what does a support look like, hmm braum ok lets give him a shield cause thats good for supporting and a cc thanks braum we made you when we actually cared about the variety of our champs!
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