Kindred, powerful or powerless

Hi, I used to be a kindred one trick but since the "rework", I think he's gotten very weak. I've always loved kindred, his design, the suspense vibe and how unique his ult is. When I played him, I always felt strong, especially in the early, building attack speed in the early game because I have my on-hit passive. Kindred could snowball by getting kills and go getting marks was always exciting. ... But now, I feel utterly useless in the early game, most champions can beat them up in the early and she can never get marks. Even though her late game is strong, they have attack range, sure, but not all that much, and they'll still die because they usually do pretty bad in early. I know her winrate is over 50, but barely. I feel like she doesn't have an impact on the game until late or the enemy team will just end early before kindred can be strong. Building warrior's feel so weak because you don't have the attack speed, but it's now still stronger than razor. I know you guys tried to buff kindred in the next patches but she really just feels the same. Anyways, I'd like to know: 1. What do you think about Kindred right now, is she a "fine" champion currently or is she really just weak and deserve a buff 2. Do you have any plans, any at all for kindred, that you guys might add in the upcoming patches? (If not, please do consider buffs) I spent so much time trying to like or make kindred strong again, but I couldn't do it, she's helpless in my opinion so here I am, playing other champions until you change kindred. Thanks for reading this long message, please make my experience on league better, pretty pretty please, thank you.
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