Noob Top Laner (I want Advice/Help)

Hello, my name is TheBloodStalker. A Silver, ex-support main. So far, I've been not having a lot of fun playing Support. I do realize it can my inabilities to prevent certain events as my Support Champion (such as Headbutting {{champion:64}} , and then Pulverize the oncoming Bot lane as {{champion:12}} , but instead I use my full combo on {{champion:64}} thus making the gank harder to escape.) But those things I realize, but Supporting feels like a gamble on my ADC that can farm effectively and be defensive when necessary, but fail in those aspects and we just have to suffer a bad laning phase. So then I decide to go to the role I truly felt I had lots of fun in, Top. {{champion:75}} being my very first Champion I bought and grinded for 1350 IP (yes, 1350 IP was a lot for poor Level 5 me.) However, since my experience with Top was very brief being a Support main ({{champion:37}} was the first Champ I bought she was on sale for 395 RP at the time I got 400 free RP from Riot). However I have Champions for Top, {{champion:240}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} and{{champion:54}} will be my main champs for Top Lane. So far, my time with Kled has given me favorable results, I need a bit more practice with Darius and Illaoi however, these guys aren't as easy as I thought they were at first. Now I want to ask. How do I be an effective Top Laner. Using {{summoner:12}} effectively for ganking, when to roam, and of course how to keep an advantage top. I get one, but seem to fail to keep it going. Seriously, I try to keep it, but someone either ends up getting an enemy on par with me or my lead meant nothing in the long run and our teams are even again. I just want advice and I hope that some Top Mains can give their insight. Also I am considering {{champion:164}} and{{champion:39}} when her rework comes out, but these gals aren't on my priority list. I want to learn the Juggernauts and Tanks first before I try them. Much Help would be appreciated, I'll try my best to keep any tips and pointers in mind for my games.

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