Fizz changes are a strong nerf not a actual buff.

If you seen the fizz changes on pbe it sounds nice on paper, however If you play the 7.4 pbe patch with fizz you will realize he got nerfed more then a actual buff. Here is why: They basically just hard nerfed his ult (cant pick up from the ground anymore, ppl can literally walk through it if its in the ground) and all he got was some very minor damage on his Q and his W passive actually does damage less in a burst situation. This + all the damage mastery nerfs i dont think fizz will even be playable anymore. Solution: Either fix the champion or revert the actual rework I mean come on he is barely hitting 50% winrate mark at diamond elo where the fizz mains/experienced players play him. Riot do something please :/ TDLR: The new fizz sucks ass and even got more nerfed
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