What is the Support Role Exactly?

Ok so me and my friend have been arguing about our views on this role. When she supports me, she leaves me to die. A lot. Saying she needs to be alive for the others to get healed/buffed/shielded. I tell her that it's bullshit because she's MY support. That the others have the jungler to watch out for them. That she should focus on me until we get to their base. I play support in my free time when I'm by myself. The only time I abandon my ADC, is when they play too risky it gets us constantly killed. Outside of that I never leave my ADC's side and always die to make sure they live. After having me as a support the most deaths I seen on my ADC is 2 or 3 but they got a shit ton of kills. In short, I believe the Support should focus only on ADC and die for the ADC. She says the ADC should learn to care for themselves after a certain amount of time so that the support can go help the others. I also believe that ALL supports should be ready to jump in front of an enemy attack to protect the ADC. She believes that only front line Supports should do that. So which is it? Do supports Sacrifice themselves for the ADC or not? Do the Supports help all team members throughout the game or do they focus on ADC only until they break into enemy base? Please Note: My Support style is because of Jungler. If we have a Jungler, they are a lot stronger than support and can help the other 2 lanes much easier than a support can handling all 4. But, when it comes to team fights I do agree that support should help all. But, until then they should mainly be focused on ADC.
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