A message to riot: please change Zac back

here are some comments from riot shrieve after/during the zac rework to the zac main community, let's look over them RiotShrieve: We're very aware that changes to R would be more contentious then anything we did to Q and W. Bottom line here is that we're looking into squishing the ~4 seconds of chaotic AoE effects into one high moment that can easily determine the outcome of a teamfight. Versatile is a pretty good for it as well. yeah. riot achieved their goal, you either get a good ult and feel great, or get a shit ult and feel shitty. and due to humans wanting to avoid loss, for example losing $100 or winning $100, the shitty ults always hit harder and stay in memory. but you know is "easily determining the outcome of a teamfight" really healthy? or even fun? to me and the majority of zac mains we prefer the old ultimate, and we prefer being able to carry ourselves not the enemy team, we don't want to be team reliant tank CC bots. thats not what zac was. zac was a FIGHTER I have no doubts in my mind that zac was a fighter, he was like rumble (Ap fighter) but could go assasian full ap and snipe you from the bushes dealing more burst damage than rumble ever could, he could also choose to go full tank, and move all around the fight with his R and knock many opponents in varying directions (not just one). I mean it's really not fun that an ultimate can easily decide a teamfight, thats why zac had over a 100% ban rate after rework and is only balanced while having a 48% or less winrate ever since a month after rework We the zac community couldn't even care less about whether or not zac has a 50%+ winrate we just want him to be fun, we want to be able to play top/mid/support/jungle like we used to, be able to build FULL AP, half ap/half tank, or full tank, we don't want to be restricted to just full tank, please riot, I understand hes great in pro play but please I don't want another ryze that's only good in fakers hands requiring extreme coordination and teamwork Zacs ult - either land E or you don't get R enemies when landed by E - either flash out, or you get caught by R thats all it comes down to. if enemies are caught in ur ult they have to flash if they even have time, and if you miss the ultimate well hey u get poked while you run back to a bush waiting for E to come back. it feels like a blitzcrank hook, you either hit it and enemy is screwed or you miss and wait until it's up again not really fun compared to old zac, for either side I just want to be able to play zac and feel the carry potential I used to have, I want to be able to press R when someone is chasing me and have them knocked back while I go forwards with my movment speed and survive with 1 hp, I dont want to be stuck on the ground and have the enemy fly with me when I R, or tap R and get zero movespeed and just get auto attacked to death, I want the W base damage back, we want to be Duelers, we were FIGHTERS not tanks, not pure Cc zero damage bots, we could be AP assassins like Evelyn if we wanted without being called trolls and going 0/20/0 because our new ultimate doesn't allow for any reliable escape and our Q damage is gutted along with W AP and Top Lane will certainly have to modify their playstyle to account for the major changes to Q and R. Tank Jungle will continue to be his primary role, however we're not intending to nerf his other position and alternative build out of existence. 1. AP zac mains didn't/couldn't modify their play style, they were blasted out of existence, there is no room anymore for full ap zac, and that's just disheartening. 2. top lane zac has no where near the amount of dueling potential as old zac and can be considered also out of existence, lets take a look at the damage difference of old top vs new top - new Q 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 (+ 30% AP) lets see the damage if you hit target and slam him to a minion lvl 1: 60 dmg, lvl 2: 80 damage, lvl 3: 100 damage, lvl 4: 120 damage lvl 5: 140 damage + the 30% AP. old Q? 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+ 50% AP) damage lost by level = 1: 10 2: 30 3: 50 4: 70 5: 90 so he gained CC but his Q now has longer cooldown and does less damage.. hard nerf to top lane zac and hard nerf to ap zac with the 20% less AP ratio and base damage lowered - new W 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 (+ 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8% of target's maximum health) old W 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 (+ 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8% (+ 2% per 100 AP) of target's maximum health) zac loses 25 damage at every level every 5 seconds, along with the extra 2% max hp at 100 hp, take a 500 AP zac. on a 2000 hp target that is a total loss of 225 damage EVERY 5 SECONDS. 10% max hp(200) and the 25 base damage hard nerf to AP and Top zac - old E had 20 more base damage each level and new E has 20% more ap scaling which is 100% useless because again AP zac is gutted and non existent, so for top zac it's a nerf, also old E didn't need to charge to max range for the 1 second stun/knockup new R 150 / 250 / 350 (+ 90% AP) old R 140 / 210 / 280 (+ 40% AP) (2nd and third bounce) 70 / 105 / 140 (+ 20% AP) again idk why riots giving his ult more AP scaling when they have completely removed AP Zac. so old ult could do 280 at level 6, 420 at lvl 11, and 560 at level 16, damage difference at lvl 6: 130 lvl 11: 170 lvl 16: 210 old ultimate also giving you movment speed to catch up to your enemies (in this case solo laner(top)) so this is a definite nerf to top lane tank zac at least in the laning phase (which is where all the fun happens) or any situation that you don't have a team. I get it. tanks are supposed to have a team and protect someone, but atm zac is way less tanky than other tanks, also riot nerfed zac during the rework, he used to get blobs during ult with R and W, adding to about 24% max health regained during a fight, that's a lot of health he's losing simply because his new ultimate doesn't drop blobs and he can't W during it. And I understand that ever since the scuttler changes all tanks not just zac have suffered, but it's not about zac having had a 45% winrate, it's about zac not being FUN anymore, hes not the old zac, and it's about zac being 100% team reliant, I can't even think of a more team reliant champion other than soraka, and at least soraka has control over who she heals, when you ult to ur team as Zac you just have to pray that they're competent enough to do something with your ult. also the new ult allows for zero adjustments after firing it. there's no ebb and flow, it's plan where ur going in. and thats it. that's all. old ult you could have a plan set up, press R, suddenly their teammates flash, and you'd still have 2 bounces to adjust to what it was you wanted to do. it was just way more chaotic imo than the new ultimate, new ultimate is either un fun for your team, or un fun for the enemy team, and we do zero damage and it's so shitty missing a zac ult the zac community feels like {{champion:154}} has been neglected, GankR a master teir player has made so many posts on zac, and even on the dev corners and they had 30+ upvotes on the front comments of dev corners and never get a response. Riot doesn't even want to mention zac except in their tank update they put his name but have no plans to talk about him. and on the zac subreddit theres a screenshot going around about a rioter who in game said that zac wasn't going to get changed as far as he knows. look leblanc, rengar, fizz have all gotten reverted, we're honestly begging you for some compromise here. ah... please posts your thoughts, on whether or not you like new or old zac, I do understand that there are people who like the new zac in the zac subreddit but many of them haven't played old zac and I don't know what people who have never played either zac think about facing each version
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