@Riot Nerf Yasuo.

I'm not saying this because I want to partake in the circlejerk, I actually want to end it. Recently there was a [post on the League of Legends subreddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5h638i/this_is_just_a_friendly_reminder_to_ban_yasuo_in/) that is rather controversial. The reason for this? It's a circlejerk post that the mods of the subreddit agree with [(they've posted gifs)](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5h638i/this_is_just_a_friendly_reminder_to_ban_yasuo_in/daxr2ll/) which shows their bias towards the community - mods, if I recall correctly, aren't encouraged to do this. The post (at the time of writing this) has almost 10,000 upvotes and the OP was gilded for saying 4 simple statements: --- **reason #1** APDO/DOPA said Yasuo was most OP champ **reason #2** I legit just had a 4/20 mid Yasuo **reason #3** Dollars to donuts he would be 20/4 if he was on the other team **reason #4** Do I even need another reason? --- The post itself, while it's mainly a shitpost, brings up the recurring circlejerk of Yasuo hatred that had just started to die down. The comments in this post are heavily biased towards the hatred of Yasuo - it's simply unhealthy. If it were my option, the post would be removed, regardless of how many upvotes it has. The post and comments themselves show the ongoing hatred for Yasuo and I honestly feel the only way to circumvent this dislike is by nerfing him. I play Yasuo not because he's overpowered or broken by any means, I play him because I find him very fun to play. If he got nerfed, I would be fine with it because I'd actually get to play him in Draft or Ranked. He would still be equally as fun. Another Yasuo player had said that "[he] wishes [Riot] would just nerf [Yasuo and Vayne] so I can play my favorite champs again". What does this show? Well, it shows that fellow Yasuo players would be perfectly fine with him being nerfed. That really says something about the state of the dislike for him. If the rest of the community *and* the Yasuo players themselves want him nerfed, is that healthy? For anyone? It's upsetting that this is one of our few solutions to the recurring issue. Either do something about the post and perhaps the mods, or nerf Yasuo. It's unbearable how much Yasuo players have had to put up with simply because we want to have fun in a *video game*.
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