A Riven Main's opinion on Riven

O K A Y Before you downvote, I want to say a few things before you downvote. People sometimes make threads saying, "Riven should have a resource", etc. Or... "Riven needs nerfs." Look, alright, Riven is a pain in the ass to deal with. I agree with that. But the changes you guys are suggesting, are absolutely terrible. You have no idea how Riven works. AND BEFORE YOU SAY, "I DO.", or get triggered, there are a few things you need to know when you say Riven needs a resource. 1. This would completely BREAK Riven's kit as a whole if she had mana or energy. Why? If you were to give her a resource, the compensation Riot would have to give would be INSANE. 2. If you wanted to give her mana, that would make her entire build USELESS, as she now needs to build mana items due to how much she spams abilities. And, the compensation for that would be INSANE. So, note, if you ever make a thread about, "Riven needs a resource", you're an idiot. I'm saying it straight up, you have no idea how Riven works at all. 2. Riven needs nerfs. Possibly. idk A correct thread on Riven would be like this Riven needs to be less annoying to verse I feel that Riven feels like a pain to verse because it doesn't matter how well you outplay her, her abilities come up extremely quickly, and it's almost impossible to outrun her. I think that Riven should have her abilities be on higher cooldown overall, but make her R apply a mark that will let you deal extra damage to the target while the mark is on. (THIS IDEA ISN'T ACCURATE IT'S JUST AN EXAMPLE.) Because if you like it or not, Riven isn't the "OP OP" you may think she is. She's definitely a pain in the ass to deal with, for sure. But you giving her resources to her would make her broken as hell. Why? It'd be impossible to balance, and Riot would make her deal shit loads of damage, on a low CD. It would feel like versing Zed more then a Fiora, you feel me?
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