Okay. I literally just got doesn't with a freaking match with 2, count them 2, bots in a Co-op vs. AI match on MY TEAM! I see it all the bloody time in ARAM as well. So how bout we STOP WITH THE CHAMPION UPDATES AND WORK ON BANNING IPS THAT HAVE A FREAKING 3RD PARTY SYSTEMS BEING USED! I mean seriously. I lost 2 MATCHES to bots because of this!! It's completely unacceptable. If a developer does not contact me with in the next couple days to my email, I'm done playing your game. And I advise others to do the same. Leave your comments. Maybe the people in Riot will actually pay the freak attention for once. You say you pride yourselves on the report system. Yet, one of us actually has to REACH OUT to you for legit complaints while trolling jerks can get people banned all they want and/or get people's honor rank removed! The client updates, the masteries, everything else does not matter if you lose people to crappy balance and stupid issues like this! Why do you think that it's acceptable? Please, tell me!
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