Guesses on how long before new champ gets a rework?

I'm going to be honest unless this guy has INSANELY high cooldowns on all his abilities, i think this champion is going to be a train wreck. How do you balance a champion with 10+ passives, and 10+ actives? Like honestly lets look at this guy. He has a turret, a medium range lifesteal auto, a passive slow that can also be a multi stun, a very fast short range/ melee attack that adds bonus damage to 3/4 of his other weapons, a cone AOE effect with larger AOE if it crits, and a long range poke that allows you to trigger an unlimited range heal/slow/ bonus damage/ or AOE. Like MAYBE this can be balanced with limited ammo on every gun, but this dude is getting 50 triggers of each weapon effect and even if he runs out of ammo he gets a new gun (and new combo of abilities) instantly.

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