Patch 9.10 Dodge Tierlist

Discuss. > Illaoi / Jayce / Diana Illaoi has a nonexistent lategame, mediocre midgame Jayce takes too much skill to pull off in addition to having an no lategame Diana relies on getting fed and doesn't do much of anything if she doesn't (assassins in a nutshell, though this is also regarding Diana jungle which is/was a woeful trend that shouldn't be repeated. Afk-farming the Jungle in season 9 is only a viable strat for Yi and Shyvana.) **Only because you can't win lane against Jayce doesn't mean that the champions isn't trash. His winrate drops to ~45% after 30. I don't care how "frustrating" his laning phase is, if the champion doesn't actually win games.** Same reason Fiora received a buff even though her laning phase was already strong. > How do you even come up with this list? Yi and Vayne have both dropped to 48% WR after RB nerfs and riven fell to a flat 50%, that 25 places from 4th best to 29th. Yi in conjunction with gold funnel. Riven and Vayne still have extremely high winrates in Master+. All it takes is a mechanically strong player on either of these two champions and your game will be ruined for a lack of counterplay. It's a coinflip whether these champions get fed, but if they do, you can not win. That's the difference, despite their 50% winrate in Silver/Gold. They also become more of an issue the longer the game goes on. I personally think it is not wise to invest 35 minutes of your time into a coinflip. > explain how ekko stops you from playing the lane when his mana costs are way to high. and all you have to do is move slightly to the left to dodge his q I don't like his gameplay pattern where he instantly shoves the wave with the press of a button, in addition to his ult providing him with too much safety. He's the least offensive from the fourth row though, I did consider removing him.
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