Shaco still needs nerfs

He has a 54% WR, but that's not even what concerns me the most about him. It's that being a laner against Shaco means you CANNOT trade into your enemy anytime Shaco is on your side of the map, which means you're not allowed to play aggressively for whole minutes. Ever since that stupid Q powershift(longer duration earlier, shorter duration later), Shaco has been able to hop past wards & bushes VERY early making it impossible to detect his ganks. This is to contrast Shaco's old Q, which often forced him to pass by a ward if he wanted to maintain invisibility long enough to get behind an enemy. Shaco SIMPLY existing on the map gives his team too big an edge. On a related note, I don't know why everyone has gone silent regarding him. All Riot did was get rid of Shaco's level 3 cheese, he's still as broken as ever.
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