1 Tip to play against Katarina for every champion, from a long time Kat main. Part 1: A, B, and C

So I've noticed that a lot of people playing champions that should counter Kat fall prey to some sneaky tactics she can pull off, and I have some downtime and am bored so yeah. This is not going to be "don't stand on daggers" everyone should know that by now :P {{champion:266}} In the early game Kat has a brief delay between picking up a dagger and her E reset, this is a good time to land a Q. {{champion:103}} do not, I repeat do not use your charm before she tries to jump on you. If you throw it from range she will teleport over it and probably kill you. {{champion:84}} be cautious when using your shroud, make sure you can get to safety if she decides to R while you're in it, Kat ult ignores stealth. {{champion:12}} save at least 1 CC at all times to interrupt Kat ult. {{champion:32}} take your time with your Q. She can dodge it easily. Walk up to her when ganking and save it for after she blinks. {{champion:34}} you can interrupt Kat's R with your ice wall. {{champion:1}} use your Q for the initial stun and drop Tibbers on top while she's immobilized, if you're obvious with it she can dodge the damage. {{champion:22}} save your ult until she jumps on top of you, so she can't dodge it as easily. {{champion:136}} kite as best you can and count her blinks, after 3 blinks if you ult her away she has no way to chase you for a few seconds. {{champion:268}} as long as you hold onto your Q, Kat cannot jump onto you without losing the trade hard, hang onto it as long as possible. {{champion:432}} keep an eye on Kat at all times and when you ult, hit HER with it. Ulting your teammates only gives Kat time to set up. {{champion:53}} save your ult for when Kat goes in, it leaves her a sitting duck. {{champion:63}} try to save your stun until she is point blank in your face. She will usually try to blink behind you to dodge it. {{champion:201}} blocking her thrown dagger with your shield will cause the dagger to land at your feet, be prepared to move. {{champion:51}} if Kat is coming for you, drop a trap behind yourself. {{champion:164}} if you ult while Kat's thrown dagger is still in the air coming towards you, it will fizzle and she will be significantly easier to fight. {{champion:69}} Kat can turn her champion to face away from you before using her ult, and your ult won't stun her. {{champion:31}} don't waste your Q on her unless you've hit her with your silence. It's very easy to dodge as Kat. {{champion:42}} save your W to escape her when she jumps on you. Don't use it to engage unless you're 100% certain of the kill.

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