Pantheon's Passive effective? I have a question for you Riot.

So I had a match against {{champion:86}} and {{champion:17}} recently as {{champion:80}} and I noticed something. Even though Pantheon's passive will block the attack, he still falls under the effect of {{champion:86}}'s Q and silence (which kinda screws Pantheon over what with him being an AD caster) and {{champion:17}}'s blinding dart. This is by no means a QQ thread, but I was just wondering if it is intended for Pantheon's passive to not block the after effects of basic attack abilities. And if so, why? While arguing logic doesn't hold much ground in games, shouldn't Pantheon's passive block the entirety of basic attack abilities? Just a thought. What do you all think? Please share. Edit: Disregard everything I say about Teemo in this post. I got an answer to it and I don't want to delete it because that'd make the answering post irrelevant.
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