Another "Matchmaking is completely broken"-Thread I play this game since years and i know other season starts. It was never THAT bad! I don't know what they were trying to do this time but the fucked up. The algorithm is complete trash rn! I have Smurfs against players on losing streak and negative winrate in 80% of my games. Here just ONE example from my Dia Promos: I was climbing pretty well, had a big winstreak. No Trolls (suprisingly). Then i hit Promos and ofc i get a botlane with negative winrate (45%) + trolling Ezrael (literally trolling). Lost ofc. The next 2 games i managed to win. So just ONE more win and i am Dia right? WRONG! Because Riot gave me this: Guess who won this. A Lee Smurf in enemy team and an unranked Fizz with 0% winrate + a botlane with negative winrate in my Team. Fizz History I dont even blame that Fizz. Its not his fault that Riot messed up with this matchmaking. Fizz feeded pretty hard and was soon on something like 3:10 and enemy Lee (hardcore fed) shredded everything and all our towers. No one in our team flamed and we fought like bears. In the end Fizz could make a lot of kills, but it was already too late. We lost Inhibs and Drakes and Baron so we sadly lost this. It just WASNT winnable because teams were so uneven! In the end i lost my last game too (this time we just played bad). This is just one example from dozens! The amount of unbalanced games this season is INSANE!
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