Yo boards, lets talk balance

Don't get mislead, this is a discussion about what is balance, not the games current state of balance. What do you define as a balance game state and what do you want it to accomplish? My Bias. I don't want a "truly" balanced game, its a moba, something needs to stand out a bit. To get to a state where any comp and start enjoys a 50% win rate with any mix of champions in matches of similar skill I feel we would have to gut skill ceilings and skill floors and player knowledge becomes devalued. For me, I want to see a ever shifting flow of champions in and out of viability as well as champions who can do well in low elo but struggle upper mmr or struggle low mmr and do well upper elos. I want some imbalance keeps game evolving and shifts to new metas. I don't want Broken balance or perfect balance, both result in stagnation. That's my view, by all means your welcome to agree/disagree and I would enjoy hearing why. Edit, I know its easy to do but please refrain from silently down voting folks because you disagree with them. Let them speak their piece in peace yea? Down vote low quality and low effort. I encourage yall engage with opposing views with your stance and the logic behind it. I'd very much like to discourage discussions like this from becoming an echo chamber.
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