Oh look I was right about amumu!

https://gyazo.com/6d3082367ce32f7a6cd1d444a97a4782 Look who just hit the highest win rate of the week, your boy Amumu! After my post about his buffs being overboard was down voted, this is a good time to say I told you so. The base damage on the w, and the new passive really turned amumu into a monster. My propositions: Amumus R, should only apply curse debuff for 1 second, instead of 2. Amumus Curse debuff should only deal bonus damage from champion dealt damage (Ie. Not liandires, not ludens, etc.) I personally hate the curse debuff, especially the true damage aspect of it. This is the worst of my 3 propositions, but Curse should make targets take 20% bonus magic damage, instead of 15% true damage. Whatever is done to Amumu, I hope he is balanced out soon. He is _**almost**_ unbeatable in matches.
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