New Runes Changed My Life. I'm no longer addicted to League

I used to spend hours in the runes and masteries page just doing theory crafting and coming up with super fun off Meta builds like 20% CD galio with extended buff duration in the jungle (hilarious fast team protection!) Or AP alistar support with maxed out MS to catch Squishies. Or super scalable armor malphite or tank Fizz xD where I felt so awesome late game cause ADCs would KNOW that I stacked armor lol. Anyways enough of my addicted times. This isn't a hate on the runes but actually a thank you to Rito. By simplifying the runes to become one with masteries I no longer have to spend time thinking about custom builds for a specific champ. I can now use the Meta runes you want me to use so I can quickly play a game without thinking*. Winning or losing is Way faster now like 10-15 min, giving you time to prep a healthy meal, exercise, and perhaps come back to the game later or hang out with friends. With that said I no longer feel this obligation to play that much anymore (doesn't feel like work) as I can just go in casually now cause it doesn't feel as competitive, strategic or customizable. I found myself playing less and less since the release. I don't know what you guys did but now I spend that time I used for theory crafting playing new games and just exploring life. League used to take up 70% of my life but now it's like 5%!!! (My asian parents will be proud since I have control over my life not league). I simply don't get that crave or urge anymore mainly from the variety of ways to tune a champion to your very own unique playstyle that made me come home from work and play. Sorry if the post came off as confusing and neutral. For me I love the game and you guys did something great: made me stop playing as much and helped with my addiction. Thank you
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