Why are we pretending Camille wins lane by default when she actually loses lane to most tops?

{{champion:122}} - You can't mechanically outplay him. If you dodge his ult with yours, he can still ult you 1 second later because it doesn't go on cooldown. Your kit forces you to get close to him which is what you DON'T want to do vs a Darius. You can't beat him in extended trades since his passive will counter your fervor by default and since the nerfs his sustain is better than yours. {{champion:78}} - W to stop you from closing on her, she can ult you out of your ult, E to stun you to a wall during your first E, shields your burst. She just fucks your entire life up. {{champion:114}} - Can Parry your E / Ult and put them on full cooldowns. Her true damage and sustain is better than yours. {{champion:80}} - A Highly interactive, fun laning phase VS a high skill cap champion. He can just spam Q and force you to back, and he wins trades by default since his passive can block both of your Qs. You have no sustain to counter this anymore. {{champion:23}} - Lock him down for **2.5 seconds at level 6 now thanks riot** and he'll just Press R before you manage to burst him down. His ult is back before yours. Rinse and repeat. He will definitely out trade you post 6, but you beat him pre 6 in a sense. {{champion:420}} - Yes let me duel her in a small area that will end well.
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