Remove Blind. Keep Draft.

Seriously, Blind is the worst type of game mode in the game. There's no Bans, no Role Selection no nothing. All there is are people arguing over Champs/positions, games being lost because some whiny brat didn't get his way and decided to feed/troll the game. Draft mode solved most of these issues, in every single way besides queue time was it a straight improvement over Blind. it is like keeping your bow and arrows while throwing away the hunting rifle! It is clearly superior! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} EDIT: Seems a lot of people think I am calling for Blind to be removed out of the blue. I am not. In case you have missed it, on servers such as ENUE they have removed Normal Draft entirely, leaving only Blind as a non-ranked option. Riot plans on extending this to all servers eventually. My argument is not that Blind should simply be removed, but if you are removing one of the two because the player base is too split up, Blind should be removed instead because of how Draft is an inherently superior way to structure and setup a game of LoL.
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