Why are leashes allowed to be a thing?

I feel like the first camps of a game should get a nerf or SOMETHING. It's too often that I lose 1-3 minions worth of XP because my jg needs a long leash, OR if they connect a minute late and can't get get a leash, then they're behind for a while. The whole concept of leashes is dumb. A jungler should be able to take their own jungle camps without needing help, especially if it could put the laners behind. (The first 1-3 minions' XP is a big power gap early levels). And I just think leashes should be abolished in one way or another. EDIT: Many people are saying leashes aren't neccessary. Try not leashing in your next game. See if your jg will A) Never gank your lane or help you at all B) AFK
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