Oblivion Orb should give Grievous wounds instead of M.Pen

In most cases players take Oblivion Orb because its a good item for laning with the M.Pen and not necessarily be interested in the Grievous Wounds provided by {{item:3165}}. Additionally, Its absurd how the other classes have {{item:3123}} for 800g and {{item:3076}} for 1000g yet AP champs have to spend 3000g to get the same effect making it much more difficult for them to adapt when facing champs with good healing. Swapping the M.Pen of Oblivion Orb for GW and dropping its price to 1200g or 1300g would make it so AP champions pick this up when they really need to reduce healing instead of picking it up because its a good damage option. There's already enough damage options. Give AP champions reasonable GW option comparable to the other classes. Keep in mind that {{item:3165}} would not be changed at all. The final item would still have M.Pen and its price would not change
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