Why do rioters only respond to their own threads/ not serious threads?

As people that work on the game, I don't ***demand*** responses from every post that gets upvoted, but like the very obvious ones should get answered. There is no reason to continuously leave us in the dark. There's a reason people are quitting. God i will never in my life expect G.C or Meddler to own up for shit or even respond, but honestly the only rioters I've seen respond on *actual* topics, is Maple Nectar, and of course we are absolutely grateful for them being there, but seriously, y'all know where this game is going. Being unresponsive and reckless will just make people leave at faster speeds. You think new players are going to trump old veterans? Let me just put it this way. League was very strategy based. Hence why the games have almost always been longer than 25 minutes. Casuals, do not want to play 30-40 minute games. Too time consuming for someone who is new and doesn't care. They will move on to overwatch. Or any other game where they can play 10-15 minute matches. Then you'll regret ignoring your veterans. It's so heartbreaking to see pro players just straight up quit because the game is in fucking shambles and you guys seem to not care. But that's fine i guess. Lose money **and** morale. Tl;Dr- Where is our communication? That's all for now <3
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