Removal of Flash on Certain Champions

With mobility creep (zoom zoom belt, air dragon, etc), I think it might be time to consider the removal of flash on certain champions. We know for a fact, that certain champions can and DO thrive without the use of flash. The most notable example being someone I don't consider hyper-mobile... {{champion:35}}. Shaco's highest winrate summoners are {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:11}} proving that he doesn't need unnecessary mobility to stay relevant. I believe that this would also be the case for champions that are considered hyper-mobile {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}}. However, I do believe some hyper-mobile champions such as {{champion:103}} {{champion:38}} would suffer early-game from the removal of flash because their mobility is linked to their ultimates, leaving them for dead until level 6. I personally wouldn't know how to approach cases like this, but dealing with post-6 Kassadin with flash is annoying as fuck and frankly unnecessary... Anyways, I think that revamping/removing/tweaking flash to cater to each champion instead of being a standard spell would make flash more bearable and open up opportunities for 1. A bigger variety of summoners. 2. Actually CATCHING some champions. (This is my biggest complaint is not being able to catch mobile champions with flash a good portion of the time. They continuously engage and kill the squishies (which is fine) but the ONE TIME they mess up their combo and you catch them... they just flash away. Repeat the cycle and by the next time you catch them again they have flash up.) 3. More power being given into mobility spells without the fear of breaking them. What are your guys' thoughts on it and if you agree with the removal of flash, which champion would you like it removed on?
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