MF is nearing that dangerous level

So for me the general indicator as to whether a champion is starting to become unbalanced is once they break that 55% win ratio. Generally when we see a champ near this WR the boards go crazy (Kogmaw and Yasou recently) however both were sitting at 54%. Well Miss Fortune is now at 55% in every elo and has been the #1 ADC the last couple patches. While I don't generally think MF is that out of whack and I'm ok with her being on top of the leaderboards, I do wonder why this is the case. I feel like currently, it's very easy to set her ult up as a team and just straight up win fights with her ult. Does any one have any ideas as to what is making her so strong currently and ways to bring her back into line with other ADCs? Let's talk Miss Fortune.
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